Dental Sealants in Fort Lee, NJ | fissure sealant

Although primary teeth eventually fall out to give way to adult dentition, they are vital in several ways. Baby teeth help your child smile, chew, speak and bite, and it’s essential to prevent them from decay and cavities.

Our highly trained dentists near you provide preventive care for children and adults and offer a range of family-based dental treatments at So Good Dental.

Baby Teeth Care: How Important Is It?

It’s best to help children care for their teeth from an early age to prevent problems from developing later. Children’s teeth tend to be made of thinner and tender enamel, which is more prone to decay and cavity formation. Decayed primary teeth can result in multiple problems such as:

  • A stained and disfigured smile that can impact self-esteem
  • Pain, discomfort, and sensitivity that can interfere with chewing and force your child to miss school days
  • Malformation or misalignment of adult dentition
  • The need for extensive treatment which may cause anxiety or stress
  • The onset of gum disease if the oral bacteria penetrates the gum tissue

You can prevent cavities formation with regular, diligent oral hygiene and avoid foods and drinks high in sugars.

Dental Sealants and Cavity Prevention

Dental fissure sealants in Fort Lee, NJ help form a smooth, protective barrier around the chewing surfaces of rear teeth, preventing food debris from getting trapped. It would be best if you considered getting dental sealants at So Good Dental when your child is 5-7 years of age (when they get their first permanent molars), and then again at 12-14 years of age (when the second molars erupt out of their gums).

Our friendly dentists in Fort Lee, NJ apply non-toxic, liquid sealants onto the chewing surfaces after cleaning and drying the tooth. Sealants harden quickly within a few minutes on their own or with special UV light. Young patients may be able to feel the sealant with their tongue, but the feeling disappears quickly within a couple of days.

While dental fissure sealants are effective, they cannot prevent cavities on their own. Dental treatments need to be supported with regular home hygiene.