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Are you searching for “Invisalign near me” in Fort Lee, NJ? then visit us; our expert team of dentists near you specializes in straightening crooked or misaligned teeth for children as well as adult patients. Invisalign® clear aligners are an unobtrusive, safe, and effective way to a more beautiful smile.

How Does Invisalign in Fort Lee, NJ Work to Correct Your Smile?

Invisalign® consists of a prescribed series of transparent plastic aligners that exert pressure on a few teeth at a time to push them into the desired positions. Our highly trained dentists in Fort Lee, NJ will first x-ray your oral cavity and create a detailed treatment plan to move each tooth into place. Every set of Invisalign® aligners will progressively align your dental arch to create an even dentition.

So Good Dental patients will need to replace their Invisalign® aligners roughly every two weeks. Our friendly dentists will check your teeth carefully for any problems before fitting you with the next set of aligners in the sequence. When you wear your first set of Invisalign® braces, it may take a few days to adjust to the presence of the aligner, but most patients adjust quickly.

Invisalign® aligners near you do not interfere with speaking or smiling, or playing sports. Our experienced family dentists will check your oral cavity for decay, cavities, or damaged teeth before starting Invisalign® treatment.

Invisalign® Aligners: What Are the Benefits?

In addition to repositioning your teeth and enhancing your smile, Invisalign in Fort Lee, NJ fixes several functional bite issues such as:


If your upper jaw extends over the lower arch, it’s called an overbite. Overbites tend to become more noticeable as we age. Uncorrected overbites can result in tooth decay, gum disease, and jaw pain.


Underbite issues can cause chronic mouth breathing, halitosis, chewing difficulties, and speech issues.

An Overcrowded Dentition

An overcrowded dentition happens when your teeth are too close together on the gum line. It leads to increased risks of decay, added strain on the jaw, TMJ problems, and stress headaches due to uneven bite force distribution in the oral cavity.

Please contact So Good Dental today for a complete dental evaluation and smile correction with Invisalign in Fort Lee, NJ, along with a treatment plan for your adolescent or teen.