Oral Cancer Screenings in Fort Lee, NJ

When you visit our practice at So Good Dental for a dental exam, our trained dentists near you will also perform oral cancer screening as part of the process. Investing a few minutes of your time can improve the chances of successful treatment.

An Overview of Oral Cancer

Oral cancer is often referred to as a ‘silent killer’ as it doesn’t show up during the early stages. When left undetected, it can spread rapidly to the face, neck, and other parts, causing disfigurement, loss of functionality, and in extreme cases, death. Oral cancer screening in Fort Lee, NJ is a vital preventive procedure that helps detect early oral cancer signs and helps patients obtain timely treatment.

Early identification of cancerous and precancerous tissue can boost the chances of cure and survival significantly. It’s a good idea to get professionally screened for oral cancer once a year, but if you have a family history or fall in a high-risk group, you should consider getting yourself screened more often.

Our Dentists Look Out for These Oral Cancer Signs

We use manual examination as well as advanced equipment like the VELscope® to help detect hidden cancerous tissue that may be located under the gums. These signs could signal red flags for oral cancer, but the diagnosis can be confirmed only after a biopsy:

  • Persistent hoarseness and sore throat that fails to heal
  • Whitish lesions or red speckles in the oral cavity
  • Unexplained difficulties in swallowing
  • Lumpy feeling or thickening of tissue
  • Erosion of gums

These symptoms may be caused due to several other conditions other than oral cancer. If our experienced dentists in Fort Lee, NJ find abnormalities, we will refer you to a cancer specialist or send the tissue sample for biopsy.

More Information about Oral Cancer Screenings

Cancers of the tongue, lips, cheek lining, tonsils, hard and soft palate are all types of oral cancers. The screening procedure takes no more than 10 minutes to complete oral cancer screenings near you, and the process is non-invasive and painless. If you’ve missed your oral cancer screening, please call So Good Dental to schedule an appointment.