Root Canal Therapy in Fort Lee, NJ | Root Canal Specialist Near You

If you’ve been struggling with throbbing, intermittent, or persistent pain and discomfort, please contact our trusted team of dentists near you for an evaluation. There is always a reason for toothache or sensitivity, and we may be able to save your tooth by performing root canal therapy.

What Is Root Canal Therapy?

During root canal therapy in Fort Lee, NJ, our skilled dentists disinfect, clean, remove the decayed pulp and nerves and seal the tooth against re-infection. The removal of the tooth pulp does not affect the function or longevity of the tooth. It’s essential to remove the infected tooth pulp as bacteria begin to multiply inside the chamber.

The tooth nerves and pulp get infected due to deep decay, trauma, or repeated procedures on the same tooth. Bacteria may also enter the inner portions through untreated chips and cracks and lead to inflammation.

In the absence of root canal therapy at So Good Dental, the infection may spread beyond the tooth roots and result in the formation of an abscess. Abscesses can be extremely painful and require emergency treatment that may involve draining the pus pocket or administering antibiotics. Timely root canal therapy near you can prevent unpleasant complications from arising.

Root Canal Therapy near You

The process begins with x-rays to determine the shape of the root canal and to detect any signs of infection in the bone.

Root canal treatment has a reputation for inducing anxiety in many patients, but it’s no more painful than getting a simple dental filling in reality. Our experienced dentists in Fort Lee, NJ offer a full spectrum of sedation techniques, and our patients report feeling no pain during treatment. We will prescribe suitable painkillers to ease the post-procedural soreness, which may last for a couple of days.

Once the site is numb, our reliable dentists will begin the root canal treatment. If the nerves are dead, the site may not be sensitive or painful, but we may administer some anesthetic to keep the patient relaxed. During the second appointment at So Good Dental, we will seal the interior with paste and the exterior with a crown or filling.