Teeth Whitening in Fort Lee, NJ | Teeth Whitening Near You

If unattractive stains or discolorations are forcing you to cover your smile or making you smile less than you want, please call our dentists near you for teeth whitening treatment.

We will first evaluate your oral cavity and determine the right color and frequency of teeth whitening sessions required to achieve the desired results. In addition to teeth whitening, So Good Dental also offers veneers, dental bonding, crowns, and implants to improve your smile.

Why Are My Teeth Appearing Discolored?

Most patients will experience some extent of discoloration, especially as they grow older. The natural tooth enamel wears away over the years and exposes the yellowish dentin layer below, which eventually makes your smile less appealing. Other causes for teeth staining could include:

  • Heavy smoking

Tar and nicotine, commonly found in cigarette and tobacco products, leave behind stubborn stains that spoil your smile.

  • Artificially Colored Foods

Consumption of strongly colored foods like soya sauce, red wine, tea, and coffee can lead to discoloration of your teeth.

  • Lack of Adequate Brushing

Patients who practice poor home hygiene are more likely to develop less-than-white smiles. Many toothpaste products generally contain small amounts of bleach that help whiten your teeth.

Our experienced cosmetic dentists in Fort Lee, NJ can whiten your teeth and boost your appearance with a personalized teeth whitening treatment. Most patients are eligible for teeth whitening, but those wearing multiple restorations or patients with acute tooth sensitivity may not be ideal candidates. In this case, please feel free to contact our experienced cosmetic dentists for alternative options.

What Happens During Teeth Whitening at So Good Dental?

Our effective teeth whitening treatments near you may vary in number and frequency, depending on the extent of whitening required. Patients with extensively stained smiles may require stronger bleaching solutions to achieve treatment goals. One of our trained dentists will fix a protective rubber dam over your lips and gums to protect the soft tissue from the effects of bleach.

We will apply the bleaching solution in durations of roughly 15 minutes each. Patients with severely discolored teeth may require follow-up teeth whitening treatments in Fort Lee, NJ.