Extractions in Fort Lee, NJ | Tooth Extraction Near You

If our trained dentists near you notice a chipped, damaged, or decayed tooth, they will first try to fix the problem by performing a root canal, placing a crown, filling, bridge or implant. However, at times, the tooth may be too damaged, decayed, or have undergone severe trauma.

In this case, we may need to extract the tooth or remove it from its socket. This procedure is known as a ‘tooth extraction.’

When Do Patients Require Tooth Extractions in Fort Lee, NJ?

While we try our best to save your natural tooth as far as possible, our highly skilled dentists at So Good Dental may need to remove a tooth for the following reasons:

  • Untreated decay or spreading cavities that have affected the tooth’s nerves.
  • Trauma or damage due to an accident, blow or fall that may dislodge the tooth from its socket or knock it loose.
  • Overcrowded dentition that may be preventing new teeth from erupting and disfiguring your smile.
  • Impacted teeth (this is a common occurrence especially with wisdom teeth) that may cause swelling, pain, or strain on surrounding teeth.
  • Baby teeth that fail to fall out and make it difficult for permanent teeth to develop; this may lead to misalignment and overcrowding.
  • Advanced gum disease can attack the bone and cause teeth to become unstable, and we may need to perform an extraction.

It’s best to consult our supportive dentists in Fort Lee, NJ to get the problem diagnosed and resolved.

Safe and Pain-Free Extractions at So Good Dental

It’s best to avoid eating anything for a few hours before the extraction procedure. Tooth extractions near you may be surgical or simple, depending on the location of the offending tooth and the number of tooth roots. We use effective dental sedation methods that make the procedure pain-free and comfortable.

Patients may experience pressure as we prise the tooth from the socket but will feel no pain. Some soreness may be present after the procedure, which will subside in two to three days. Surgical tooth extractions may require a slightly longer healing time up to three or four days.